I am a representative of the caming from Oita in JAPAN.

My work is "Let's go out, our Yutopia".
Murder Mystery "Tea party of flowers
Murder Mystery "Inochigoi
I work in Board Game Cafe.
Board games, werewolves, quizzes, Texas Hold'em, Murder Mystery games, etc.
Likes mackerel.
Basically, focus on the Black Knight and the White Demon King app.
Sometimes I write about other games and novels...
My masterpiece is the Murder Mystery "Between Black and White.
If I get a good idea, I might make a sequel. I'm not sure.
I am a leader of the theater company Absent. writing, direction and performing also.
I live in Oita and enjoy living there.
I'm working hard to write Murder Mystery and make my debut as a game writer.
My masterpiece is a Murder Mystery, "Y no Funeral.
Murder Mystery "Headhunting Village Murder Case
I enjoy playing card games and TRPGs.
My masterpiece is "Puppet of the Faraway" by Circle Igunaito.
I am representative of teh E.D.E.N Oita University Bodoge Circle.
Japanese instrumental music / I like Japan to a certain extent.
Anti-sunshine guzzler. An existence born to hate the sports and inline engines of this world. I lives in the Kyushu region.
I like video games in general, Hidamari Sketch, Susaki Nishi, and Satonaka Chie. I'm a beginner at savage games. Interested in board games. Currently studying werewolf. I live off the radio of Kana Asumi, Satomi Akesaka, Asuka Nishi, Aya Suzaki, Ayane Sakura, Rii Murakawa, Ayaka Ohashi and Yuiko Tatsumi. Cheering for my homies Sho Nogami and Atsumi Tanesaki.
I'm accepting voice work, and I look forward to working with you in 2020!
I am a lover of bodoge, Murder Mystery, SCP, TRPG, Smash Bros. and Pokemon. A person who eats peperoncino three times a week.
My best work is Murder Mystery: The Hundred Stories of Murder.
I've recently become addicted to Murder Mysteries.
Game Master of "Werewolf Vulgar Society".
His best known work is the Murder Mystery "The Hundred Year Queen of the Green Forest".
Closed-door werewolf game "Pandora O".
Face-to-face long-term werewolf project "Werewolf Vulgar Society SOTF

I live in Oita called "Onsen prefecture".
I love to stay Bodoge Cafe Life.
I'm playing secretly as a hobbyist.
After all these years, I've become addicted to the idea of games.
In particular, I'm a sucker for Murder Mystery.
My masterpiece is the Murder Mystery " Nozuchi.
I post MMD videos I'm posting a video on niconico.
I'm not afraid to follow anyone.
I help out at Monster Forest, a petting zoo in Oita City (I'm not stationed at the store).
I'm starting a new circle activity in Beppu at an event space called "Sekaiju"!
We will have a lot of fun in the luxurious facilities and nice atmosphere of a hideaway! We will have lots of fun!
I'm a middle-aged otaku who likes Anikara, TRPG, and bodoge. Recently, I'm addicted to Madamis.
To continue to live, I'm going to spin a sentence.
I am the leader of theatrical elegos.
Chairman of the Oita Performing Arts Festival 2016-2020.
Adult/LG(B)T. Murder Mystery, TRPG, werewolf, bodoge.